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Investor in People
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Investor in People
Institute of Physics Publishing is classed as an 'Investor in People', a British national standard for organizations which commit themselves to develop all their employees to achieve their organizational objectives. In a rapidly changing technological and commercial environment it is critical that all organizations that provide products and services to their respective communities and customers are constantly in tune with their changing needs.
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To do this effectively, they have to review the training and development needs of their employees regularly, take action to satisfy these training needs on recruitment and throughout employment and provide the necessary resources, and regularly evaluate the effectiveness of this investment. Institute of Physics Publishing does this through a system of frequent and regular reviews of all its employees, providing substantial training budgets and extensive training programmes and making sure that every single member of staff has an opportunity to benefit from these.

The benefit for members of staff is a range of opportunities that help them to grow and become more effective. The benefit to our user communities is increasing professionalism and improved quality of products and services.